The Lord of Spring, the Verdant Prince


A green living oak leaf

Home Plane:

Celestial Plane


Spring, agriculture, plants, flowers, trees


Farmers, gardeners, druids, rangers, youth, peasants


Earth, Good, Plant, Protection, Strength, War

Favored Weapon:

“Nature’s Hand” (maul)


Tallis is called the Lord of Spring, and the Verdant Prince. Like his sister Selora he was conceived without the permission of the One, but in her divine mercy, Amin’Zerû embraced Tallis and gave him domain over plants, trees and all things that grow upon the earth. Tallis is a good-natured and lively deity; he is quite proactive and does what he can to restore the surface of Sidereus after the damage it has suffered since the Season of Strife. Tallis is generally light-hearted, but he does not hesitate to wade into combat, happily singing chants of praise to Amin’Zerû as he decimates his foes. Tallis hates the undead, for they are a perversion of life. At the beginning of the Third Age, he created the Derew Orcs in a desire to provide protectors for his forest realms, a duty that many Orcs still do to this day. Tallis appears as a youthful, powerfully built male, typically heavily adorned in the trappings of a druid or ranger. He is a favored deity of farmers and peasants; frequently acting as a defender of the common folk.


Tallis and his sister Selora are quite close, although they do not have the time to enjoy each other’s company due to their duties. Tallis does what he can to maintain a relationship with his mother, though her exile from the Celestial Realm makes it difficult. Sûldin is proud of his son as Tallis has been very vigilant in his stewardship of Sidereus. Tallis has had numerous flirtations with Roëna despite the problems with such a relationship. Tallis frequently taunts Xi’rian, arrogantly assuming that Xi’rian is incapable of reaching his goal of destroying the surface of Sidereus with water. Only Dúnmharú is capable of ruining Tallis’s oft jovial mood, as the Scion of Shadows enjoys making dark parodies of the creatures and creations under Tallis’s domain.


Celebrate life in all its forms. The world was created for the people of Sidereus, and stewardship of the planet is yours as well. Respect the wild places of the world, and do not despoil the land. Plant a seed in ever new place you see, so that the bounty of nature can spread ever further. Nature in all its forms must be protected from those that would destroy parts of the wild needlessly.

Clergy & Temples:

The Church of Tallis is known across the face of Sidereus as protectors of the forests and wild places of the world. The Clerics of Tallis act as stewards of the forest, and take great pains to plant trees, and make sure the various flora of Sidereus continue to flourish. The Clerics of Tallis also make it a point to assist farmers with their crops, and assure that the poor and hungry do not have to suffer. According to the world view of the Church of Tallis, the earth provides enough for all of its inhabitants. Clerics of Tallis wear lightweight robes that are usually colored dark brown or green with a black or grey trim. They rarely wear jewelry of any kind. Clerics of Tallis to not hesitate to participate in battle, following their lord’s example with fervor and enthusiasm.