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What is Sidereus?

Sidereus is a live action dark fantasy game of monumental proportions, Sidereus will fuses a motion picture quality aesthetic with an exciting and engaging atmosphere where all levels of play will be welcome.

Sidereus is the name of the world in which this Live Action Role-Playing game takes place, a world of fantasy in which the forces of evil have all but conquered the planet. As a person trying to survive in such perilous times, it is your task to choose which side you will be on. The dark fantasy of Sidereus is a combination of high fantasy and survival horror, pitting the players and their allies against dark forces and terrifying monsters.

In the world of Sidereus, you can play a mighty warrior, a cunning assassin, a loyal paladin, or a master of the arcane arts. The Sidereus game system allows you complete freedom in creating your character, so that the only limit on the type of character you can play is your own imagination.

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