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A group of Satyr-kin - Artist: Magdalena Partyka -

Satyr-kin (also known as Fauns) are the result of a bond between a satyr and one of the many other races that inhabit the world of Sidereus. When a satyr and a member of another race interbreed, the result is always a satyr-kin child. Such children commonly exhibit traits of both parents. For example, if a dark elf and a satyr were to breed, the child would most likely have the horns of its satyr parent, the pointed ears shared by both races, and the midnight black skin of the obsidian elves. In addition, the child might be able to learn to manifest traits that would normally be associated with the non-satyr parent. An obsidian elf satyr-kin would most likely develop the ability to resist magic or enchantments.

Satyr-kin have smaller horns than satyr, and do not have the goat-like legs or tails of their ancestors. They are only somewhat less adroit, but remain skilled at slipping free of the effects of enchantments, mental domination and enchanting magical effects.

For unknown reasons eidolon are not able to cross breed with satyr-kin, despite the eidolon being direct descendants of humans. There are no half-eidolon satyr-kin. This may have something to do with the satyr inability to manifest psionic powers, but there is no definitive proof that this is the cause. Additionally, nephel and satyr are unable to cross-breed. This may be related to the belief that Nephel are sterile. The result is that there are no half-nephel satyr-kin known to exist.

Satyr-kin do not have a society of their own. Because of their mixed ancestry and complicated heritage, they are not always accepted by the culture of the non-satyr parent. Satyr will accept satyr-kin completely, totally accepting (and even celebrating) how they look, as well as their different abilities and talents. There is a wide range to how half-human satyr-kin are received, largely affected by the particular Human culture and the mood of the society at the time. Half-Arxus Satyr-kin are very uncommon, but they do happen from time to time. They are often seen as a valuable asset to the tribe, and therefore often accepted – and sometimes celebrated. Half-Chatûl Satyr-kin are loosely accepted, but may find themselves shunned by Chatûl culture. They will find It very difficult to be truly treated as one of Jolarä’s chosen children because of their unusual appearance, though this is not always the case.

On rare occasion a half-chatûl faun may earn the trust and even respect of a chatûl tribe, though the Chatûl do not make it a habit to accept such half-breeds. Half-Dwarf Satyr-kin are often rejected entirely, as Dwarves are often too dour and stubborn to accept such a dramatic change to their perception of reality. Copper Elves, Silver Elves and Obsidian Elves accept Satyr-kin of their blood with open arms, treating them as kin with few exceptions. Jade Elves and Sun Elves hold to their traditions too strictly to fully accept a Satyr-kin into their family, but will care for a Satyr-kin who is of their blood, treating them as a guest or a family friend. Orcs accept Satyr-kin into their tribes without hesitation. To the Orcs, family is family, regardless of appearance.

Satyr-kin have a wide variety of diversity based on the non-Satyr parent of the character in question. Satyr-kin may attempt to assimilate themselves into a particular culture, or become wanderers, trying to fit in anywhere they can or nowhere at all. Satyr-kin characters often find themselves feeling somewhat “lost without a map”, wandering in a large world where they don’t quite fit in. Despite this feeling of loneliness that many Satyr-kin must endure, they do not always find comfort in the company of other Satyr-kin, since this often merely reminds them of their unfortunate lot in life. It is often not until Satyr-kin come into a society of Satyr – where their various traits are not only accepted, but fully appreciated and often considered beautiful or desirable – that they truly begin to accept themselves and feel wanted and appreciated. Many Satyr-kin will take up root in a Satyr society because of this, and Satyr societies have benefited from the influx of diversity and talent over the years.

When a Satyr-kin breeds with another Satyr or Satyr-kin, the result is almost always a Satyr. Occasionally, a Satyr-kin of one of the parent’s types will be produced. Satyr will often celebrate such unions, as they represent a completion of a cycle – the strengths of the Satyr bloodline being combined with the strengths of another race can only lead to positive things in the minds of the Satyr. To this end, Satyr will excitedly welcome visitors and guests into their fold, in the hopes that one of their number will be able to woo the newcomer and produce a new Satyr-kin. Many travelers are confused by this practice, but to the minds of the Satyr, it is only to improve the quality of life for Satyr everywhere and to ensure the longevity of the species.

Playing a Satyr-kin can be a daunting task. Makeup requirements for Satyr-kin vary widely depending on the parentage of the character in question. When a Satyr-kin character is created you must choose the race of your non-Satyr parent. Your choice will determine which traits are available to you as a character of mixed descent. In addition, you must add certain qualities to your makeup requirements so that you are distinguishable as a Satyr-kin associated with the race in question. Playing a Satyr-kin might require a large amount of makeup or complicated costuming. Refer to the non-Satyr race reference for ideas on how to apply the appropriate Satyr-kin makeup. Players who play as Satyr-kin are expected to apply their makeup to the best of their ability, ensuring it is kept up for the duration of the weekend. This commitment is rewarded by a more powerful racial template for the character, and should be respected as much as any other rule.

Satyr-kin Type



Half-Human Satyr-kin are among the most plentiful, as Satyr and Humans commonly interbreed and both species are incredibly prolific. In many cases, Satyr-kin will make up nearly 15% of any Human settlement due to the relatively large number of Satyr/Human sexual encounters that occur (even though *very* few of these result in marriages or any sort of lasting bond. Half-Human Fauns do not wear pointed ears but wear the horns as normal.

Half–Human Fauns do not gain access to Racial Traits other than those listed in the main description. Half-Human Fauns may use magical items that are restricted to Humans unless otherwise stated on the item’s card.


Half-Arxus Satyr-kin are rare for many of the same reasons that Half-Dwarf Satyr-kin are rare. The Arxus life style is one of hardship and is minimalist and devoid of many of life’s simple pleasures. As a result, Arxus tend to have difficulty understanding Satyr, and Satyr avoid Arxus lifestyles altogether. Half-Arxus Satyr-kin have not only horns, but bony protrusions all over their head and face much like an Arxus. In addition, Half-Arxus Fauns share the white to gray (and sometimes black, brown or red) mottled skin tone of their Arxus parent.

Half-Arxus Fauns gain access to the Racial Traits; Damage Threshold, Resist Element, and Resist Disease. Half-Arxus Satyr-kin may use magical items that are restricted to Arxus unless otherwise stated on the item’s card.


Half-Chatûl Satyr-kin grow a very fine layer of fur, and so the player must wear makeup appropriate to the type of their Chatûl parent. Players who wish to play a Faun with a black-furred Chatûl parent must make it very clear that they are of Chatûl ancestry and distinguish that their features are feline so they are not confused with Dark Elves. This can be done by adding visible fur to the ears or face, or by wearing a facial prosthetic.

Half-Chatûl Satyr-kin automatically gain Scent. In addition, they gain access to the Racial Traits; Animal Empathy, Claws, and Resist Element. Half-Chatûl Fauns also have the following Racial Flaws; Trait Restriction (Resist Poison). Half-Chatûl Fauns may use magical items that are restricted to Chatûl unless otherwise stated on the item’s card.


Half-Dwarf Satyr-kin are not particularly common since it takes a very skilled Satyr to woo a Dwarf despite their private and commonly dour nature. Half-Dwarf Satyr-kin share a stony skin texture with their Dwarf parent which must be represented in the same fashion as a Dwarf player. In addition, Half-Dwarf Satyr-kin males often grow long beards much like Dwarven males although this is not mandatory for costuming purposes.

Half-Dwarf Satyr-kin gain access to the following Racial Traits; Damage Threshold, Resist Element, Resist Poison, and Resolute. Half-Dwarf Fauns also have the Racial Flaw; Trait Restriction (Bloodline of Air, Fire or Water). Half-Dwarf Fauns may use magical items that are restricted to Dwarves unless otherwise stated on the item’s card.


Half-Elf Satyr-kin simply have pointed ears and the horns of their Satyr lineage. In addition, Half-Obsidian Elf Satyr-kin have the ebony skin of their Obsidian Elf parent, and so an Obsidian Elf Satyr-kin player must wear black or dark gray makeup on any exposed skin. Half-Iron Elf Satyr-kin have the pale white skin of their Iron Elf parent, and so an Iron Elf Satyr-kin player must wear white or light gray makeup on any exposed skin.

Half-Elf Satyr-kin gain access to the Racial Trait; Animal Empathy. Half-Obsidian Elf Satyr-kin additionally gain access to the Racial Trait; Resist Magic. Half-Iron Elf Satyr-kin additionally gain access to the Racial Trait; Resist Death, and lose the ability to take the Racial Trait; Animal Empathy. Half-Elf Satyr-kin may use magical items that are restricted to Elves (of the appropriate type) unless otherwise stated on the item’s card.


Half-Orc Satyr-kin are quite common as Satyr and Derew share a love for and familiarity with Nature that most other races cannot truly comprehend. Half-Derew Satyr-kin must wear green makeup on any exposed skin (though it may be applied more lightly than required for full-blooded Derew), and may also have vines, flowers and similar plants growing in various places on their body.

Half-Orc Satyr-kin gain access to the following racial Traits; Rapid Healing, Resist Poison, Resist Wyld. Half-Orc Satyr-kin may use magical items that are restricted to Orcs unless otherwise stated on the item’s card.