The Warbringer, the Mistress of Flames, the Burning Scourge


A raging flame

Home Plane:

Elemental plane of Fire


Fire, passion, fury, war, spontaneous action, rebellion, retribution


Warriors, barbarians, berserkers, pyromaniacs, prostitutes, vengeful people


Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Passion, Purification, War

Favored Weapon:

“Soul’s Inferno” (battleaxe)


Roëna is a dramatic and impatient entity full of fire and life and possessed of a singular thirst for warfare and conflict. She cares not who she fights, only that a fight is taking place. When she chooses to manifest in physical form, she appears as a breathtakingly gorgeous woman. Tall, and well muscled, with a grace that belies her strength. In battle, her fiery mane of red hair seems to animate as she charges into battle with a bloodcurdling war cry. She once desired the love of Onûs, but has overcome her desire and learned from her mistakes. She now completely hates the Dark One, and wants to see him destroyed. Roëna was fooled by Onûs into believing that Aarûn was becoming tyrannical, and that he was determined to bind the other Ilith’ari to his will. Roëna would not allow this to happen, so she lashed out against Aarûn in defense of her freedom. She fought much of the Celestial War on the side of Onûs, believing him to be in the right, until she realized the extent of the Dark Lord’s evil. Having long since sought redemption, she now lashes out at Onûs whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Roëna still holds on to a bitter vendetta against Onûs for his abuse of her during the Celestial War. Since that time, she and her followers have waged a never-ending war against Onûs and his followers. Xi’rian causes her more than a small amount of strife, and the two beings often engage in thunderous conflict. Roëna has adopted Perdita as her own, and does what she can to show the young deity the way to the Light. Roëna and Aarûn have an uncomfortable enmity between them, as Aarûn blames the Warbringer for her part in the Celestial Wars. Roëna and Jolarä share a close friendship, as they are kindred spirits.


Revel in the glorious beauty of flame. Let your heart be free of the shackles and restraints of doubt and fear. Dance in joyous celebration, as every experience is a chance to feel passion. Let your heart race in anticipation of every moment of life you are given. Act on your impulses and let your wants and needs drive you. Raise your blade and speak your mind, do not let anyone stifle you or stand in your way. Fill the night with revelry and song, celebrate with your body and share your desire with everyone, lest darkness gain a foothold in the land of light. Destroy the shadow wherever it lurks, and never back down from a fight.

Clergy & Temples:

Those who follow Roëna do not gather in any manner of formal organization. Many of them are warriors, and a great number of them are women. Clerics of Roëna do tend to wear robes of deep reds and oranges; however this is more to reduce the visibility of bloodstains on their clothing than to celebrate any sort of religious affiliation. Priests and Priestesses of Roëna frequently offer martial training to townsfolk in various areas so that they do not find themselves poorly defended when agents of Onûs assail them. They will often go to the most poorly defended areas and take up residence, purely with the intent of provoking potential enemies into attacking so they can soundly defeat them.