The Lost Princess, Maiden of Poison, the Widow Spider


A black widow spider on a white field

Home Plane:

Elemental Plane of Shadow


Assassination, poison, shadow, disease, affliction, strife


Assassins, politicians, the insane, murderers, thieves, disease victims


Evil, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Hatred, Pestilence

Favored Weapon:

“Manflayer” (warscythe)


Perdita believes herself to be the daughter of a union between Onûs and Roëna. This is not entirely true. Near the end of the Celestial War, Asteria was mortally injured in a battle with Onûs. As Asteria struggled against the corrupting influence racing through her form, her essence was shattered and broken. The Queen of Magic rapidly diminished, as her power bled away into the various shards of her essence. Perdita was created as Onûs grasped a shard of Asteria’s essence - in an attempt to claim some of the goddess’s power for himself - and it burned his hand. Casting the shard down, his blood merged with the razor fragment and Perdita was born from the pain of the Void Serpent and shattered soul of the Mystic Star. Over the next three hundred years, Perdita gathered power to herself, stealing much of her father’s portfolio. The people of Sidereus call Perdita “the Lost Princess” because of her association with Asteria and the divine birthright that her adopted mother Roëna attempts to hide from her. Perdita carries with her a warscythe called “Manflayer” which she crafted herself out of a fragment of Asteria’s essence within her combined in dark ritual with the souls of one thousand Elven innocents that she personally slew. Perdita’s birth bought with it the taint of disease and afflictions of all types.


Perdita hates her father completely. She despises him for being instrumental in her creation, and hates him for being responsible for her corruption. Perdita secretly longs the love and affection of her adopted mother Roëna, who only offers her love piecemeal since she is still unsure of what to think of her “newborn daughter”. Perdita despises Zaria, the favored granddaughter of Amin’Zerû, for her privileged status. Zaria is barely aware of Perdita’s existence, but the two have met in battle once thus far. Perdita desires Tallis, if only to ultimately kill him, for many of the same reasons that she envies and hates Zaria.


Death is a journey to be savored. Every day of mortal life is spent dying; moving one step closer to what is ultimately not an end, but a beginning. Just as winter’s chill moves across the realm, so does Perdita’s touch embrace the weak, the old, and the sick. Her reach is long, and none can hope to escape her grasp, for disease is the great equalizer, and all people are the same before the kiss of the Widow Spider. Walk forth and do the work of the Maiden of Poison, and let it always be known that when Death comes, it comes at her behest.

Clergy & Temples:

Temples of Perdita are often great structures, carved from basalt and other types of volcanic stone. It is believed this is done out of tribute to Perdita’s adopted mother Roëna. Clerics of Perdita are often herbalists or alchemists, and just as they are skilled in making poisons they are also well known for their skill in making tinctures and remedies. Clerics of Perdita wear white robes trimmed in pale green or pallid pinks. They often wear jewelry made of sapphire and obsidian.