• Headquarters: Ironvale (Royal City of Dalarnis)
  • Members: Approximately 800 members
  • Hierarchy: Militaristic [Each rank has command over the ranks below. The leader of the Order of the Broken Chalice is known as the Lord Chancellor.]
  • Leader: Lord Chancellor Renard Orthelin (Human Amethyst specialist and devotee of Zephyr)
  • Arcane Focus: General (Large concentration of Amethyst mages, though no specific focus)
  • Divine Focus: Zörena (Worship/devotion is highly popular, though not required)


Recovery of lost artifacts and relics from the Third Age and beyond, specifically significant works of art and relics which are magical in nature. The Order of the Broken Chalice is well known across all of Sidereus for funding expeditions into various areas of the world where few dare tread, in the hopes of recovering items of significant value so that they may be returned to the embrace of civilization. The Order of the Broken Chalice has founded many museums across Sidereus in order to showcase non-magical relics and some weaker magical ones.


Initiation into the Order of the Broken Chalice is somewhat complex. Neophytes must first offer a relic of some kind to be donated to the Order for further study and research. The relic must date from the late Third Age or earlier. In addition, Neophytes must be able to cast 1st level spells. While the Order does not have any particular compunctions against the personal and private accumulation of knowledge or even magical power, relics and artifacts of specific historical importance must be delivered into the hands of the Order first, if at all possible.


• Neophyte
o Applicant must be able to cast 1st level Arcane spells
• Adept
o Neophyte must be able to cast 3rd level Arcane spells
o Neophyte must have 10+ ranks in one Lore Skill
• Sage
o Adept must be able to cast 5th level Arcane spells
o Adept must have 5+ ranks in the Sage Skill
• Chronicler
o Sage must have 5+ ranks in the Appraise Item Skill
• Antiquary
• High Antiquary
• Lord Chancellor


The symbol of the Order of the Broken Chalice is the symbol of a cracked goblet or chalice, often colored in silver or grey, over a per pale background of black and white, on a circular field. The uniform of the Order is simple black robes with white accents and trim, with the symbol of the broken chalice openly displayed. When ceremonial robes are not necessary or prudent, members are known to wear an armband with the Order’s symbol.