Lantern Archon (Angel)
Required skill(s) At least one of the following

Lore RequiredEdit

The Lantern Archon is an angel in the service of a deity of Light who is tasked with sending out and gathering basic communications and missives that are being sent among the body of worshipers of the deity they serve.

Lantern Archons are small, roughly 10" in diameter, but emit a pulsing, bright light. They communicate via telepathy, though some have been known to speak in any of a variety of languages. Often times, evil individuals will seek to attack a Lantern Archon, thinking it easy prey. They are often foiled when they come to realize that as a being of pure light, Lantern Archons can channel powerful attacks of pure light that can melt metal down to its base components.

Lantern Archons greatly enjoy the company of children and will often times abandon their assigned task to protect the health and well-being of a child. On rare occasions, Lantern Archons have even been known to Resurrect children who have fallen in battle, or fly into an unbelievable rage when a child is injured.

Lantern Archons are often invoked in summoning rituals, since there are many of them and they are not easy to anger, they are safe to summon for any of a variety of tasks.