• Headquarters: Lorhaven (called the Central Archive)
  • Members: Approximately 1,240 members
  • Hierarchy: Loose [High Archivist, who appoints seven Archivists for the Archive Council.]
  • Leader: High Archivist Tiavel Eyllistylar (Silver Elf Amethyst Specialist)
  • Arcane Focus: General
  • Divine Focus: Solon (While this is by no means strict, many of the members of the Jade Archive hold at least a moderate devotion to the Steward of Wisdom. It is said that Zephyr also finds a relatively substantial following within the ranks of the Jade Archive’s members).


Accumulation and protection of written knowledge in all its forms. The organization also houses many clerics in the service of Solon, some of whom pursue both Arcane and Divine magic. The Jade Archive seeks to preserve knowledge where it is found, and share the knowledge that it does find with those who find interest. The Jade Archive is responsible for many of the libraries that have sprung up across Sidereus since the end of the Third Age, and their members are often well known for their knowledge and global perspective.


Initiation into the Jade Archive is a relatively simple pursuit. Applicants must be able to read and write, though the members of the Archive will teach those who are willing to learn. Applicants must also be interested in the preservation and distribution of knowledge. Those who are interested in destroying knowledge or hoarding it for their own gain are commonly not accepted into the organization. Above all, applicants must have a desire to pursue and share knowledge for its own sake in order to secure entry.


• Initiate
• Acolyte
o Initiate must be able to cast 3rd level Arcane spells
• Scribe
o Acolyte must have 5+ ranks in one Lore Skill.
• Librarian
o Scribe must have 10+ ranks in one Lore Skill.
• Custodian
o Librarian must have 10+ ranks in at least two Lore Skills
o Librarian must be able to cast 5th level Arcane spells
• Archivist
• High Archivist


The symbol of the Archive is a simple green book with a copper candle on its cover. The uniform of the Jade Archive is a deep green and copper theme. Robes of these colors are worn by members while within the Archive. While outside of the Archive an armband with the symbol of the Archive should be worn to denote membership in the organization.