Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title None
Player Name Bobby Prater
Gender Male
Celestial Sign 19 Antara, 192 of the fourth age
Race Human
Age 19
Organization The Order of the Red Sash
Occupation Mercenary
'''''Hywin was born in the town of Greenmill on 19 Antara, 192 of the fourth age. His only brother Audric was four years old durring the birth of Hywin. When Hywin was only a few years old, GreenMill was invaded by a horde of Blood Orcs who proceeded to pillage and slaughter everyone in the town. This invasion claimed the lives of his parents and everyone he ever knew except his older brother. The last thing Hywin rembers of his parents was their desperate futile attempts to fend off the savage invaders from their front door. Since their town had been raised to the ground Hywin and Audric became nomads. They had no skills in trade or marketing, and were far to young to work manual labor, so they were forced to live the lives of theives. This lifestyle taught Hywin how to handle a sword, and survive with the bare minimums of food and water. They could only stay for short periods of time in one place due to the fact that they gained a bad reputaion wherever they went. This life style brought them on a 13 year journey east across lynnera until they reached the town of Shadowdale where Hywins life changed drastically. In this town for the first time in his life, Hywin developed a solid relationship with people. Hywin and Audric did not need to rob these people because they gave them food, shelter, friendship, and a small amount of coin out of the kindness of their hearts. Audric had also changed considerably since he had been influinced religiously by a priest named Stoian. This eventualy led Audric to the far away continent called Indratan where he died from the cold harsh climate. Hywin never saw his brother again. Now on his own in the world Hywin joined the Order Of The Red Sash in hopes to develope a new family to fill the hole in his heart where his true family once was.