Hellennia Vernä
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Costume test
Vital statistics
Title None
Player Name Kaillie Simms
Gender Female
Celestial Sign "The Judge"
Race Gold/Silver Elf
Age Unknown
Organization None
Occupation None

Hellennia Vernä is a work in progress, character story, information, costume and other such things are still in the works. One thing is for certain though; She's going to be a bitch.Edit

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Art by Kaillie Simms

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Art by Kaillie Simms

"A cool breeze crawls along the floor of the tavern, scurrying in around the hem of a black skirt embroidered with gold, elven design. Feminine hips sway sharply with each stride forward into the building - after deliberately ignoring any possible greeting from Senta outside - hurrying past the two male figures. She offers nothing more then a glare from the corner of her eyes, behind locks of burnt-orange hair. With a very 'nose-in-the-air' attitude the elven girl disappears into the Tavern's kitchen door."