Bâton shaman lion

A Greater Staff of the Beastmother - as crafted for use in-game by Ateliers Nemesis.

The Greater Staves of the Beastmother are powerfully enchanted relics that have been passed down through the various family lines of the Chatûl people for thousands of years. Created in the time of high magic, the Staves of the Beastmother were all infused with the raw power of nature in one of its forms. Many lesser items have been created in the eons since these twelve originals were created, but they are mere shadows in comparison to the greatness of the Greater Staves. It is said that a true devotee of Jolarä, regardless of race, can wield an item such as this to deadly effect, and that one who is not a disciple of Jolarä can make little use of one. Since the creation of these artifacts, six of them have been lost, leaving only six remaining. Five of the six are held by High Priestesses of Jolarä, and only one by a priestess that is not a Chatûl. The sixth is held by a Chatûl by the name of Wing who is believed to be a priestess. Why she was granted the right to wield this staff by the goddess Jolarä is unknown - but it has earned her the title of High Priestess among other Chatûl.

Each staff has a unique name. These names are Chatûl in origin, but translate to describe the powers assigned to that particular staff. An example of the staves currently known to exist is "Yumruk Timur" or "Iron Fist", a staff that is able to conjure powerful blasts of force. Its wielder is reported to have used the staff to slay an adult emerald dragon in melee combat.

All Greater Staves of the Beastmother have certain traits in common. These common traits are listed below;

Greater Staff of the Beastmother (General Profile)
Artfully crafted of heavily enchanted Nightwillow wood, each of these staves radiates overwhelming magical power. The head of the staff is carved into the likeness of a great lion, and as such, the staff may serve as a holy symbol of Jolarä in the right hands.

Origin: Divine [Jolarä] - Artifact

Innate Enchantment: +4 Nightwillow Staff (Must use the "Silver" damage type)

1.) Cure Light Wounds [6/day]
2.) Cure Mortal Wounds [6/day]
3.) Heal [3/day]
4.) Lion's Roar [3/day]
5.) Aspect of the Stars [1/day - Self Only]
6.) Tortoise Shell [3/day - Self Only]
7.) Skill Infusion: Parry [2/day]
8.) Skill Infusion: Slay [40 Slay - 2/day]

Chosen One (Jolarä) or Clerical Investment (Jolarä) required to use. Each staff has additional requirements/restrictions to who may use it. Each staff is believed to be restricted to use by females only.

Known Recovered StavesEdit

  • Yumruk Timur (Wielder - Heartrender Aikoun, High Priestess of Jolarä)