A group of Gahiji - Artist: Magdalena Partyka -

One of the so-called "barbarian" peoples of Sidereus, the Gahiji (gah HEE jee) people dwell largely in Anûrias and the Myorean isles.

The Gahiji people of Anûrias and the Myorean isles are an amalgamation of various African tribal cultures and Australian aboriginal cultures in the real world. Native to the arid plains and deserts of Anûrias, the Gahiji are remarkably skilled hunters, trackers and warriors of their region. Forced to survive and compete in one of the most hostile lands in the known world, an experienced Gahiji hunter has faced the horrifying Shadow Orcs, the dreaded Desert Naga, and even more mundane threats like lions, hyenas and other natural beasts.

Generally not nomadic, the Gahiji are experienced travelers nevertheless. In times of great need, small hunting parties will leave the core of their tribe on excursions to hunt larger game like elephants, dire lions, and other creatures. These journeys are often harrowing and dangerous experiences from which few hunters return. As much of Anûrias has been influenced by the power of the Wyld, many (if not most) Gahiji are also Wyld Walkers, able to traverse the barren landscape of their homeland without falling prey to the insidious magics of the Wyld. Like most barbarians, Gahiji are typically illiterate and often distrust Arcane magic. They choose to dress simply, relying on light furs and some handmade fabric to help them cope with the heat.

Cultural Advantage: Vigilance. The Gahiji people live in an environment where the most notable hazards are living, breathing creatures that are consistently trying to kill you. As a result, they have evolved with a focus on reaction speed, quick wits, and keen senses.

Cultural Disadvantage: Xenophobic. The Gahiji people are untrusting of outsiders and things that originate from outside of their environment. As a result Gahiji do not commonly travel to outside lands if they can help it.

Common Traits: The Gahiji commonly take traits like Dauntless, Resist Element, Resist Disease and Tenacious. Certain tribes of Gahiji have been known to almost universally have the Half-Blooded (Elf) Trait.

Common Skills: Nearly all Gahiji have some skill as Hunters and Trackers. Animal Lore is common, as is Wilderness Lore. Weapon skills of choice include; Bow, club, spear, and axe. These are common choices since metalworking is not particularly easy in most regions where Gahiji are common.

Heroes: Gahiji heroes are often rapidly elevated to being tribal leaders, having a great deal of influence over their people since their ability to return from the dead makes them appear supernaturally gifted.