• Headquarters: Tritis
  • Members: Approximately 850 members
  • Hierarchy: Militaristic [Each rank has command over the ranks below. The leader of the Evincar Council is known as the Ascendant Evincar.]
  • Leader: Ascendant Evincar Alaric Celerin VII (Obsidian Elf Ruby specialist)
  • Arcane Focus: Ruby College (Nearly exclusive, though a good number of Generalists fill out its ranks)
  • Divine Focus: Roëna (Worship/devotion is highly popular, though not required)


The sharing of knowledge and spells among the community. The Evincar Council is an Arcane Guild in the classical sense, their primary purpose is to distribute knowledge between the mages in its membership. The primary wealth of knowledge within the group concerns the Ruby College of Arcane Magic, and spells and rituals which support these particular magics. Because of the nature of Ruby magic, there are very few mages within the organization who rely heavily on the Emerald or Obsidian Colleges.


Initiation into the Evincar Council can be somewhat complex. Because of the volatile nature of the Ruby College, most applicants are expected to prove their magical prowess in battle. Guild halls of the Evincar Council are often placed in locations rife with conflict or where there are large concentrations of monstrous creatures nearby. Prospective mages should be able to engage one such creature in battle and utterly destroy it. Competition tends to run particularly high in this organization, as a “survival of the fittest” mentality tends to be especially common among those who focus intently on the magics of the Ruby College.


• Initiate
o Applicant must be able to cast 1st level Arcane spells
o Applicant must be able to cast spells from the Ruby College.
• Adept
o Neophyte must be able to cast 3rd level Arcane spells
o Neophyte must have 5+ ranks in the Arcane Lore Skill
• Evoker
o Adept must be able to cast 5th level Arcane spells
o Adept must have 10+ ranks in the Arcane Lore Skill
o Adept must have 5+ ranks in Battle Ritual (Arcane)
• Evincar
• Ascendant Evincar


The symbol of the Evincar Council the image of four red triangles pointed inward toward the center of a black circular field. While there is no specific uniform for members of the Evincar Council, it is not entirely uncommon for members to wear some sort of iconography to display their membership. This is often worn in the form of a large, and often gaudy, medallion or necklace, as many of the members of the Evincar Council are brash and somewhat haughty.