• Headquarters: Valton
  • Members: Approximately 430 members
  • Hierarchy: Loose [Archmagus, who appoints eight Magus to the core council, called the Viridian Council]
  • Leader: Archmagus Tertia Vanizio (Half-Silver Elf Emerald specialist)
  • Arcane Focus: Emerald College (Nearly exclusive, though a good number of Generalists fill out its ranks)
  • Divine Focus: Sûldin (Worship/devotion is highly popular, though not required)


The sharing of knowledge and spells among the community. The Emerald Order is an Arcane Guild in the classical sense, their primary purpose is to distribute knowledge between the mages in its membership. The primary wealth of knowledge within the group concerns the Emerald College of Arcane Magic, and spells and rituals which support these particular magics. Because of the nature of Emerald magic, there are very few mages within the organization who rely heavily on the Ruby or Obsidian Colleges.


Initiation into the Emerald Order is a relatively simple matter of proving to the Order that you have something to offer. Prospective mages should offer a minimum of ten spell scrolls from the Emerald College, of 3rd level or above, for donation into the organization’s library. In lieu of this, a copy of a battle ritual or ritual scroll will certainly guarantee membership as well, though the scroll must again draw its power from the Emerald College. Being a relatively loose order in terms of restrictions on personal behavior, the only demand is that any new spells of the Emerald College that members come across be shared with the rest of the community free of charge.


• Apprentice
o Applicant must be able to cast 1st level Arcane spells
o Applicant must be able to cast spells from the Emerald College.
• Adept
o Neophyte must be able to cast 3rd level Arcane spells
o Neophyte must have 5+ ranks in the Arcane Lore Skill
• Invoker
o Adept must be able to cast 5th level Arcane spells
o Adept must have 10+ ranks in the Arcane Lore Skill
o Adept must have at least one Craft Skill
• Magus
• Archmagus


The symbol of the Emerald Order is a green diamond shape on a circular field, which is usually white but may also be black. The uniform of the Order is relatively simple dark green robes with white or black accents and trim. Members will often adorn their robes with emeralds when possible. When official robes do not suit the situation, members will commonly denote their membership using a brooch or armband emblazoned with the symbol of the Order. This is not always the case, however, and since the Emerald Order is not particularly secretive, members do not tend to make a fuss about having a physical means of declaring their membership.