Collector (Angel)
Required skill(s) At least one of the following for special lore

Common KnowledgeEdit

The Collector is a type of angel in the service of Kal'rën who is responsible for gathering up the souls of those who have permanently died and ferrying them away to the Halls of the Dead or the realm of whatever deity is to lay claim to them. Also known as "Beekeepers" in the common vernacular because they appear as humanoids with a dark, mesh-like mask under a hood, and they wear all white. From a distance they appear almost like a beekeeper dressed for war.

Lore RequiredEdit

Collectors carry massive warscythes with them as they wander the cosmos, and their powers are significant when they are pursuing their intended task. As angels of death, their appearance often unsettles common folk on the rare occasion they do choose to manifest physically.

Despite all this, a Collector's influence does not need to be physical in order for it to be felt. One of the primary reasons that Necromantic spells which create undead or bind spirits are so difficult to perform and require so much concentration, is that they incorporate within their complex formula various miniature incantations intended to hide the act from the eyes of the Collectors. The reason the lesser spells of creating undead can only function for a short time is that a spell of that power can only mask such an act for a short duration before these powerful beings catch wind of a soul's circumstances being altered.

Collectors are rarely invoked in summoning rituals, as they serve a natural purpose such a ritual is very hard to perform and rarely functions as intended. When they do manifest it is commonly for very specific reasons, and under very specific circumstances.