Caerwyn Ignatius Blackwood
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Lord of Stoneheath
Player Name Unknown/Undetermined (Previously played by Ryan Anderson)
Gender Male
Celestial Sign The Warrior
Race Human
Age 32
Organization None
Occupation Merchant, Smuggler
Lord Caerwyn Ignatius Blackwood is a man of no small reputation, being known in the areas east of the Silvermist Forest for his ability to procure nearly any item, and his sterling reputation with the nobility of both the Kingdom of Egoras and the Kingdom of Fyndara. It is said that he was once the close confidant of Queen Morrigan Alevina, but that he has since fallen out of her favor. Lord Blackwood has a reputation for enjoying the finer things in life; fine wines, fine food, and beautiful women are the trademark of his home. He has collected a number of rare works of art, some dating as far back as the middle of the Second Age, and he looks for every opportunity to display the beautiful works he has gathered. Lord Blackwood is well mannered, and obviously an individual of refinement, but has a tendency toward extravagant behavior. He enjoys a good show more than anything, and Lord Caerwyn Ignatius Blackwood is a man of no small reputation.