One of the so-called "barbarian" peoples of Sidereus, dwelling largely in the northern regions of Linerra and the far northeastern regions of Ursya.

Further north of even the hardy Arzhel, the Bharu people tame the bitter wilds of Linerra and eastern Ursya, carving a living from the frozen waters of the Drakkenweald and the Crownspire Mountains (Real World: Northern Greenland), the Forsaken Sea (Real World: Bering Sea) and the Gulf of Tears (Real World: Gulf of Alaska). The Bharu people are based off of the ancient Inuit people of the real world. Unlike many of the “barbarian” people, the Bharu do not focus on combat prowess or skill in the same respect. The talent that is most highly praised in Bharu society is that of the survivor. In the harsh landscapes the Bharu call home, he who can survive and provide for his people with the greatest skill is the one deserving of the greatest respect.

While the Bharu are not generally nomadic, they have – in periods past – been forced to migrate to different areas due to severe climate changes and other world events. This has, on occasion, bought them into direct conflict with Goblin, Blood Orc, and Arzhel tribes. In some cases Bharu and Arzhel relations have been relatively peaceful, though this is not always the case. As a result of these harrowing conflicts, the Bharu people have a special enmity for Blood Orcs and Goblins, and a particularly odd and uneasy familiarity with Arzhel.

Cultural Advantage: Tenacity. Even more so than most of the hardy barbarian cultures, the Bharu are survivalists above all else. Even given great respect by the Arxus, Bharu are tenacious and determined to survive in any situation, no matter the odds.

Cultural Disadvantage: Seclusion. Culturally, the Bharu tend to keep a rather significant distance from other cultures. This has created problems for many Bharu travelers in the past, as they tend to have a great deal of difficulty adapting to other cultures.

Common Traits: Obviously, many Bharu have the Resist Element Trait since life in the cold arctic would be nearly impossible without it. Bharu also commonly have the Giant-kin Trait due to peculiarities in their ancestry. Iron Will and Tenacious are also common.

Common Skills: Hunter, Tracker, and Survivalist are obviously common among the Bharu. In addition, Wilderness Lore is fairly common. Nearly all Bharu know how to use a club or a dagger.

Heroes: Bharu regard those born with Heroic Birthright as a blessing from “Father Sun” (their term for Aarûn). These people are treated with great honor and respect, and when an individual returns from death for the first time it is seen as a great omen of prosperity for the future of the tribe.