Type: Bloodline

It was not until the later days of the Third Age that the One put forth her decree that the Ilith'ari could not join with mortals and sire children. Before that time it was not uncommon for a member of the celestial court to join with a mortal and produce gifted and powerful progeny. Some of the greatest heroes of the Second Age were the result of a bond between celestial and mortal. As the many centuries passed, the blood of these remarkable unions did not fade entirely away. Even today there exist a small number who are blessed with a hint of Divine parentage.

Prerequisite: Must be chosen at 1st Level, Makeup Requirements

Benefit: This Trait is considered always in effect and cannot be deactivated.

An Angelic Bloodline means a rather significant amount of power for any character. Many heroes and villains over the centuries have carried the essence of the celestials within them. To be born of an Angelic Bloodline is to be destined for greatness.

An Angelic Bloodline grants a character the following abilities;

A character with an Angelic Bloodline must represent it to some degree. This can be done by assuming one of the following makeup requirements; A shock of white hair, golden eyes (contacts), birthmark of a deity's holy symbol, blue or white celestial markings, golden scars or birthmarks, or other requirements as approved by a Game Master. Once you have chosen your character's distinguishing features, they may not be changed by any means short of Ritual Magic. This Trait will heavily influence the way the game progresses for your character, so consider carefully before choosing it.