A typical Angelheart Vial

Crafted of a strange bluish crystal said to be made from harvested angel's tears, Angelheart Vials contain a precious brew known as Angelheart Elixir. Angelheart Elixir is well known across the world for its strange medicinal properties, but most notably for its ability to return the dead to life. Thanks to the magic of the bottle, it remains constantly full of its magical liquid for a short duration.

Origin: Divine [General]


1) Cure Light Wounds [3/day]

2) Cure Mortal Wounds [1/day]

3) Light [1/day]

4) Revive or Resurrection [1/ever - Once the Revive effect is used, the item is rendered useless and loses all of its magical properties. The vial will only count as a crystal vial. Lesser Angelheart vials have a Revive effect, while Greater Angelheart vials have a Resurrection effect.]

Limitations: May not be used by demonic/evil creatures or creatures. These creatures may benefit from the healing effects, but may not *use* the vial.